PrimeGlobal conference in Amsterdam
28 November 2022
Authot: Szwak i Spółka

On November 19-22, 2022, a conference organized by PrimeGlobal – an international association of accounting and consulting companies, of which we are a member, was held in Amsterdam.

The company was represented by the Management Board – Arkadiusz Szwak and Karolina Walczak, we were among over 160 participants of the event from 27 countries.

We worked on maintaining the position of one of the leaders in digitization at GUT and the development of our International Accounting Center (IAC project), i.e. the implementation of our model and work tools in accounting firms from other countries, whose first participants are Prime Global members from Georgia and Spain.

For 4 days, 70% of the time was filled with talks, workshops, substantive and partner discussions, and 30% was filled with lectures on a wide range of knowledge (global information on economics, mental, a broader view of yourself and teams in terms of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities in digitization, in which as a company, in the opinion of other members from Europe, we dominate.)

Admiring Rembrandt’s works in the Rijksmuseum together with several hundred accounting firms, combined with visiting the Paralympic sports center, allows you to look at the capabilities of your teams in a different way and teaches you to adjust expectations to capabilities.

Relationships with 136 representatives of 60 companies from 27 countries increase our experience, thanks to which we implement our IAC (International Accounting Centre) project, in which, using the accounting service model and digitization tools (, we combine accounting firms as principals and subcontractors from different parts of the world (we work for accounting firms from Spain and Italy, accounting firms from Georgia and Romania work for us).

One of the aforementioned discussions ended with an interesting twist – keep calm and do your job!
With this slogan, we return to everyday work, which thanks to such meetings we look at from a slightly different perspective and we are preparing to participate in this year’s PrimeGlobal conferences in Croatia and Singapore.

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