PrimeGlobal Conference in Miami
12 November 2023
Authot: Administrator

On November 6-9, 2023, we took part in the PrimeGlobal World Conference in Miami. We exchanged experiences, refreshed and established relationships with nearly 300 accountants, tax advisors and auditors from nearly 40 countries on all continents.

Discussions, workshops and presentations focused mainly on the services we offer and how we should change them using artificial intelligence. For three days, we explored what kind of advisors we should be and that as a company we should focus on the so-called soft skills of our teams.

It is natural to gradually move away from typically technical, hard skills in favor of soft skills. Artificial intelligence will replace us in precise calculations and analyses, including regulations, but AI cannot replace humans in the relationships that are necessary in our trust-based profession. The knowledge of how to assess, appreciate and enable talent development in team management was inspiring.

We made sure that instead of competing with AI, we should work with it.

Using the acquired knowledge in an appropriate way, we planned to achieve our annual goals – even higher quality and better and slightly different, friendlier and more effective communication.

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