Optimization of accounting departments

We analyse the functioning of AN accounting department in the organization of work, information flow, use of available technologies and evaluation of employees’ performance.

We coordinate the work of accounting departments in three stages:

  1. Description of the current condition (“a photo”), its assessment and suggestions for improvements and their implementation in the form of an internal audit with a final report.
  2. Implementation of the proposed changes after the Management Board’s approval.
  3. Supervision of how the implemented changes work.

At each stage, we consult the results obtained on a regular basis.
Upon request, we will present references of Polish and foreign companies.
During the optimization, we also realize the project of creating the Client’s own Accounting Services Centre.

They trusted us
E-(lectronic) documents circulation

Using several hundred thousand zloty subsidy from the EU, our experience, needs and know-how, we have created software which is a virtual B2B platform connecting our company with accounting. The eSD System presentation shows how the system works: System eSD. 

The system coordinates the work of accountants with the work of the entire enterprise. Any configuration of acceptance levels and patterns and the flow of documents makes the system flexible and allows for its adaptation to any company profile. As the owner of the software license, we make the system available, sell and implement it. Each company for whom we provide bookkeeping services is given an opportunity to use our system which is used applied by us in our daily work. The software may be used in any company, as well as in the accounting services centre.


Employment optimization

Utilizing the expertise and years of experience, we assist the Management Board in making decisions on the methods and forms of employment.

Controlling and management accounting

We analyse the data and provide it to the Management Boards in the form of presentations. On the basis of the suggestions concerning the expectations of Management Boards, we construct spreadsheets analysing business areas, such as sales representatives’ performance or orders profitability.

EU subsidies

Based on our experience and cooperation with specialists, we organize and assist in the preparation of grant requests, accounting of particular process stages and finally of the entire grant.


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