Accounting BOOKS

Comprehensive bookkeeping. Sage Symfonia ERP (Forte) software. We close the books for the monthly accounting period and report no later than on the 8th day of the following month. We work in our office or at the customer’s premises, remotely connecting to our software. Loading the payments for authorization directly to the customer’s banking system. Electronic or traditional documents circulation. Accounting Services Quality Standard monthly verified through an internal control performed by an expert auditor.

Revenue and expense LEDGER

Revenue and expense ledger register Symfonia Mała Księgowość software. Quality Standard. Immediate documents registration. Electronic or traditional documents circulation.

CHIEF Accountant - supervision of the accounting department

Management of the accounting department working on site or remotely from our office using the client’s software or ours. Reporting to the Management Board. Representation before the Tax Office, expert auditor, contact with financial institutions. Consultation for the Management Board. Accounting Department Quality Standard revised monthly via an internal control.

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