PrimeGlobal Aachen
28 August 2019
Authot: Szwak i Spółka

Ladies and Gentelmen,

At the invitation of PrimeGlobal association which is a global organization of accounting companies, in June this year, we had an opportunity to present our ideas about digitization of processes in accounting.

At a technical conference in Aachen in Germany  there were 63 people representing 31 accounting companies from 15 countries, mainly from the GASL region – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – and the Benelux region, France, Scandinavia and Great Britain, in the block dedicated to accounting digitization, we presented our idea of ​​accounting service and HR – payroll.

In our presentation we showed in a technical way (by connecting remotely to our server and using the tools we work with every day) how in 60 minutes from the beginning (e.g. receiving a purchase invoice or issuing a sales invoice) using our electronic document flow system eCurcuma and digitization techniques we report in tools such as Business Intelligence.

The first slide of our presentation showed the idea of ​​our work in brief:

Our entire presentation is here.

The speech received considerable recognition among conference participants. We have been recognized in existing for over 20 years and having over 300 companies from around the world organization, as one of the leaders in the field of process digitization work in accounting.

We are happy to share this information with you while thanking you for many years of ongoing support and cooperation, which made it our achievement and thank you for your cooperation.

Below there are some photos from the conference:


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