01 September 2018
Authot: admin

We have a pleasure to inform that Szwak i Spółka Sp. z o.o. on September 1, 2018 as an independent member we joined PrimGlobal the international association of independent accountants.

This is 4th (from among 21) largest organization worldwide of this kind. We became a part of a group of 285 accounting companies, from 81 countries, located on 5 continents.

Due to this we obtained a possibility to exchange experience and knowledge with the specialists from accountancy, taxes, payroll and human resources, and audit from the whole world, e.g. if you are interested in tax information from Singapore, we can obtain it quickly from a reliable source if we want to know what realities are of conducting business in France or Spain or USA, Mauritius, Hong Kong or Brasilia also we know who should be asked about it. Other way, we are at your disposal in the scope of service and advise for foreign entities and persons considering the development of their companies in Poland.

We gained a base of knowledge which can be used by you if you want to develop your business abroad.

We emphasize that we are independent, the participation in the association does not oblige us to any actions or exchange of information and during the audit which was a requirement to accept us as a member our experience and method as well as mechanisms to provide quality of our work were reviewed during a direct visit.

We hope that the relations and experience established and opportunities obtained will make our service more and more effective and supportive for you in terms of work, stabilization and development.

ul. Roosevelta 18, 60-829 Poznań